blogsearchenginejournal.comGoogle Rebrands Bard As Gemini, Launches New Model & Mobile App
, Google Rebrands Bard As Gemini, Launches New Model & Mobile App

Google Rebrands Bard As Gemini, Launches New Model & Mobile App

Google is upgrading its experimental AI service Bard by rebranding it as Gemini and introducing a new AI model called Ultra 1.0.

Google is also launching a mobile app for Gemini.

Sissie Hsiao, Vice President and General Manager of Gemini, shares how people have interacted with the AI since Bard’s launch in an announcement.

“People all over the world have used it to collaborate with AI in a completely new way,” Hsiao stated, highlighting the diverse applications from job interview preparation to creative image generation.

Introducing Gemini Advanced

Google has released a new iteration of Gemini called Gemini Advanced.

It utilizes Google’s latest AI model, Ultra 1.0, which the company describes as its most capable AI system.

Gemini Advanced is designed to excel at complex tasks like coding, logical reasoning, and creative work. It can maintain long conversations and understand context from previous interactions.

Google states that Gemini Advanced can be a personal tutor, provide coding advice, and help content creators generate new ideas.

As Google continues developing Gemini Advanced, users can expect ongoing improvements, including new features, multimodal capabilities, interactive coding, and data analysis tools.

The service is now available in over 150 countries in English, with plans to add more languages.

Google One AI Premium Plan

Google has announced the launch of Gemini Advanced alongside a new premium subscription plan called Google One AI Premium.

This new plan is priced at $19.99 per month and includes all the existing Google One Premium subscription features, like 2TB of cloud storage and access to Google’s latest AI advancements.

With the new plan, subscribers will soon be able to use Gemini technology within Google’s productivity tools, including Gmail, Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets.

Mobile Access To Gemini

In response to user demand for mobile accessibility, Google is rolling out a new app for Android and an integration within the Google app on iOS.

Gemini will be integrated with Google Assistant on Android devices for a seamless experience and voice control over connected home devices. The iOS Google app will soon offer comparable capabilities.

Rollout & Future Expansion

The Gemini app is now available on Android, and the integration within the Google app on iOS will follow in the coming weeks. The app will initially support English, with Japanese and Korean languages to be added soon. Additional country rollouts and language support are planned.

Google notes that users are encouraged to try Gemini and provide feedback to help improve the experience. The company states it remains committed to responsible AI development, including extensive safety testing and efforts to address biases and unsafe content, as per its published AI Principles.

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