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, How To Prove That Your SEO Matters

How To Prove That Your SEO Matters

Join us as we explore how to prove that SEO matters to resistant stakeholders and C-suite executives, along with ways to combat the external noise affecting the outlook on SEO efforts.

Dan brings his experience as a leading SEO consultant for top companies to this exclusive interview. He and Loren navigate the complexities of the shifting SEO landscape, and how to set realistic expectations in your business.

They also dig into the potential risks and opportunities of AI in search, and what these drastic changes mean moving forward.

I think oftentimes in a lot of organizations, everyone’s time poor, everyone has their own set of KPIs and objectives moving towards that bigger goal, and oftentimes SEO is trickled through. – Dan Taylor, 1:53

I think through that communication system framework, however you want to go around it or phrase it, it’s about getting that shared buy-in. – Dan Taylor, 8:24

We have people planning their budgets and their SEO plans already, but with a little bit of a turbulent economy, sometimes it’s a little bit of a question mark. – Loren Baker, 1:18

[00:43] – Dan’s background and expertise
[01:53] – SEO planning and visibility tips.
[03:18] – Recommendations for visibility in SEO.
[04:14] – Managing expectations with AI.
[07:02] – Addressing SEO performance comparisons.
[08:24] – Effective communication for executive buy-in.
[11:17] – Combatting SEO Misinterpretations.
[15:52] – Personal Touch in Client Interactions.
[26:48] – Adapting SEO to Rich Media in Search Results.
[32:06] – Adaptations in the travel industry.

It’s having sincerity and it’s actually having a human touch. – Dan Taylor, 14:40

Essentially that kind of battleground which we previously had in search is sort of being lost. Now it’s understanding what the impact of that’s going to be, whether or not it’s going to be a major impact, minor impact, or if the impact overall is going to be redistributive. – Dan Taylor, 18:19

It’s about trying to bring in what unique modifiers we can into the actual product pages themselves…So how can we create a differentiator? It was this concept we had called champion products. – Dan Taylor, 21:03

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Dan Taylor is a recognized SEO professional, having worked with a number of companies in strategically helping them increase their organic market visibility and overcome technical challenges. Having consulted and worked with companies like Cloudflare, Proton, and China Southern Airlines, Dan has been featured in the leading SEO publications, as well as spoken at a number of SEO and marketing conferences in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and online.

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