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, Google Unifies Conversion Reporting Across Ads & Analytics

Google Unifies Conversion Reporting Across Ads & Analytics

Google has announced an update to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to provide marketers with more insightful measurement tools and a consistent view of conversions across Google Ads and Analytics.

The update, which is being rolled out today, includes the following changes:

  • Introduces ‘key events’ to replace conversions in behavioral analytics.
  • Aligns the definition of conversions between Google Ads and Analytics.
  • Brings cross-channel conversion reporting to the Advertising workspace in GA4.

The changes address long-standing discrepancies in conversion reporting that have frustrated marketers.

GA4 and Google Ads users don’t need to take any action, as the changes will be implemented automatically.

Key Events Replace Conversions In Behavioral Analytics

One of the significant changes in this update is the introduction of key events in GA4.

Key events will replace what currently exists as conversions for behavioral analytics.

As Ginny Marvin, Google’s Ads Liaison, explains on Twitter:

“Key events indicate the events that are important to your business for behavioral measurement purposes. Conversions in the report and explore modules will become key events and retain the exact same measurement capabilities as the legacy conversion concept.”

Consistent Conversions Reporting Across Google Ads & Analytics

With this update, conversions will be defined consistently across Google Ads and Analytics, providing marketers with a unified view of their advertising performance.

In a blog post, Google states:

“In this improved, more unified experience, we are addressing the differences in conversions reporting that marketers have experienced across Google Ads and Analytics, a long-standing request that we are happy to have resolved for our customers.”

Cross-Channel Conversion Reporting In The Advertising Workspace

The update brings new cross-channel conversion reporting beyond Google Ads to the Advertising workspace in GA4.

Marvin advises advertisers to “consider the Advertising section your hub for Ads conversion performance reporting.”

This change will give marketers a clear view of performance where it matters most.

Privacy-First Solutions

GA4 will soon support the Chrome Privacy Sandbox’s Protected Audience API, allowing marketers to continue reaching their audiences without third-party cookies.

Additionally, Google has recently increased support for enhanced conversions in GA4. This supplemented existing conversion tags with hashed, consented first-party user-provided data for more accurate performance measurement.

Enhanced conversions can now be seamlessly sent from GA4 to Google Ads, making it easier for advertisers to get started.

No Action Required For GA4 & Google Ads Users

According to Marvin, GA4 and Google Ads users do not need to take any action in response to this update.

She explains:

“Legacy conversions will be changed to key events automatically and any conversions shared with Google Ads will be labeled as conversions and reported on in the Advertising section.”

In Summary

The updates aim to provide marketers with more accurate, actionable insights while evolving GA4 to align with the industry shift towards increased privacy.

Marketers should find reporting more consistent across Google’s ads and analytics products moving forward.


How will the introduction of ‘key events’ affect the current conversion tracking in GA4?

The introduction of ‘key events’ in GA4 is set to replace the traditional conversion tracking in behavioral analytics. This update will:

  • Formalize critical events to a business’s analytics as ‘key events.’
  • Retain the same measurement capabilities as the legacy conversion tracking method.
  • Align the behavioral analytics more closely with user interactions that matter most to marketers.

What benefits does the unified conversion reporting offer marketers using Google Ads and Analytics?

The unified conversion reporting across Google Ads and Analytics offers several benefits, including:

  • A consistent definition of conversions across the two platforms simplifies analysis.
  • The ability to view cross-channel conversion reporting within the Advertising workspace of GA4.
  • Improved accuracy in reporting and a clearer understanding of advertising performance.

Can you explain the significance of the enhanced support for privacy-first solutions in GA4?

GA4’s enhanced support for privacy-first solutions is significant for several reasons:

  • It helps marketers adapt to a cookie-less future and comply with privacy regulations.
  • Includes support for Chrome Privacy Sandbox APIs, maintaining audience reach without relying on third-party cookies.
  • Improved accuracy in conversion measurement through enhanced conversions, which utilize hashed, consented first-party data.


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